97.00€ 65.00€

Dimensions: 39x60x20 cm

(without wheels 39x55x20 cm)

Volume: 40 Lts.

Weight: 2.60 Kg.


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    Tired they tell you that your suitcase does the action?
    Do you want the maximum capacity and be the envy of the queue to board?
    Most low cost companies agree cabin baggage with a maximum height of 55 cm. With this case you will have more capacity than any other suitcase 4 wheels. CLICK measures 60 cm with wheels and 55 without them (CABIN OK).
    It is very easy to use: Withdraw all four wheels one by one, by clicking on each button. When boarding, keep them in the same bag or suitcase. For travelers looking for functionality and maximum capacity.– Made with quality Polyester – optimized measures. 10% more capacity – 4 wheels quality Removable – Push Mechanism – Elegant design – large capacity front pocket – Reinforced structure resistant

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