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  • Safta official BENETTON multipurpose backpack. Ideal from age 14. 2 year guarantee,
  • Made from tough polyester with easy to open zippers. Easy to wash.
  • Adaptable for backpack trolleys. Side pocket racks. With two large compartments. Double pull tab on main zips to facilitate its opening. Large-format front pocket. Ergonomic and padded back and shoulder straps
  • Lined at the top hand grip. Perfect for school and daily and extra-curricular use.
  • Measurements: Width 320 mm. Long 160 mm. Height 420mm capacity 22 l weight 0, 61kg.


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    Σχολική τσάντα για κορίτσια Benetton

    με δύο κυρίως χώρους και μεγάλη μπροστινή θήκη

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