SAFTA BARCELONA ΤΡΟΧΗΛΑΤΟ ΣΑΚΙΔΙΟ 611926818 (δώρο 1 κασετίνα)


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  • Safta official FC Barcelona 1ª Equip. 19/20 big, ideal backpack for children from the age of 14. 2 year guarantee.
  • Made from tough polyester with easy to open zippers. wheels designed for less vibration and noise.
  • Two large double handle compartments. Large-format front pocket. Bottle side pockets. Double pull tab on main zips to facilitate its opening. Padded on the top hand grip.
  • Padded wheel covers. Personal identification card. Reinforced base and removable handle. Ergonomic and padding for back and shoulders, comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Trolley attached to backpack (compact wheels)
  • Ύψος TROLLEY: 85cm
  • 45x32x22cm

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