Tivoli Berry Medium BY VIP Μεσαία βαλίτσα υφασμάτινη 156J469151


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TSA Lock

4 wheels

  • Medium
  • 68x42x24 cm
  • 2.5 kgs
  • 57L
  • Tivoli. Canvas soft shell luggage is fixable, they are also overpacking-friendly because you can stuff more in them – can still stretch more around the edges and finesse a larger carry-on to fit in a small spaces, such as overhead bins or luggage racks on buses. Lightweight material; Anti-theft zipper; More accessible with exterior pocket for last minute items. Cabin size, up to 10 kgs capacity.
  • More durable for longer period of time. Made from high-density fabric treated to resist moisture and staining. Reinforced stitching, resilient zippers that stay on track and stay closed, sturdy handles and strong extension handles that don’t bend or buckle.
  • TSA combination lock. So, this is not just a durable case, but also a really secure one. Using a combination of 3 digits, you can lock your belongings away from would-be thieves, without having to worry about keeping track of a key. Combination locks are a good choice, assuming you never forget the combination. If you are forgetful, you can always save the combination on your phone contacts as the last three digits of a phone number.
  • Feature 360-degree turning spinner wheels, which, combined with the lightweight design, make traveling a little bit easier. The wheels are recessed, and the suitcase can be turned sideways to better fit the space. Easier to push along as it can glide in all directions, have enough space to not jam with debris, and are tall enough to make it through a puddle without your bag getting wet. No matter how much weight you are carrying, once you get this 360 degrees rotation spinner luggage (4 wheels total), the work is effortless.
Βάρος 2,9 kg